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I’ve lived in London for about four years now. Living in Central London I’ve not had occasion to visit many of the places served by London Underground other than areas near where I live or work: it occurred to me that I’d probably never have occasion to visit places like Amersham or Loughton¬†without embarking on a project like this, discovering points of interest along the way.


The whole concept of the Underground intrigues me: from the earliest stations built nearly 150 years ago to the modern-day creations, with the best and worst of architecture in between. Older, more aesthetically pleasing trains that are better than their modern counterparts; hidden gems indicating the pride and the history of the system that few people notice on their way to their next appointment; disused stations unknown or forgotten by city dwellers; the day-to-day challenges of making the trains, stations and equipment work despite an ever-increasing amount of passengers using the system in the backdrop of some fairly antiquated resources.

All this combines to make a rather unique system different to every other metro system in the world: Madrid’s may be newer but has none of the history; Paris’s may seem more frequent but lacks the je ne sais quoi of our system.

This site is an attempt to visit these stations, look at their history, report on some of the new comings, the¬†older goings and to search out the less well-known or not normally open bits of the network. It’ll take a good long time, but hey, that’s part of the fun.


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