It’s probably pretty obvious by now.

If not, I’ll try and make it more obvious:

District Line train reversing west to east at Barons Court

Reversing west to east at Barons Court

Since a wee nipper I remember looking at various London Underground maps dotted around the house from occasional visits my parents made, often passing on my knowledge to my terribly bored parents that Kensington Olympia was used during exhibitions only and wondering how nice Bow station would be. A few day trips to London at the between the ages of about five and eight confirmed my interest in LU and it’s never really gone away since: I blame my Dad for working on Merseyrail for years and implanting it into my genes.

Anyhow, now that I live in London I use the Tube most days and never cease to be amazed by the most amazing (and naff) architecture around, as well as loads of heritage features that give a clue to what London used to be like.

In short, I’m not trying to do anything groundbreaking or, to most people, even vaguely interesting. I’m trying to get my way around the network finding interesting features and improving my somewhat shaky grasp of photography while also visiting areas of London that I haven’t yet got to. I thought of just keeping the photographs to myself, or simply lobbing them onto Flickr but photographs without added information are a little limiting. In any case, it’ll be an interesting record for me in future years, especially as various aspects of the network change, as they are doing at the moment and will continue to do so.

Enjoy – I have, and that’s what counts ;)