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Ruislip Gardens – Central line

July 30th, 2010 — 10:40pm

It was a beautifully sunny day when I did this group of stations which of course makes everything that little bit nicer. Combined with this was the rural-esque nature of the surroundings (if you can ignore the roads, etc) and the relatively quiet stations, although as stated in the last post about West Ruislip station, it’s probably a good idea to visit places such as this off-peak.

Towards South Ruislip

Trains have been tootling past since 1906 but it wasn’t until twenty-eight years later, in 1934, that trains started stopping here with a station built by the operating companies the GWR (Great Western Railway) and the GCR (Great Central Railway). The Central line began operating here fourteen years later as part of the New Works Programme having an island platform (although doesn’t feel like the Clapham stations at all, which because of the tiny island make me feel nauseous every time I pass through) with the Chiltern lines still visible across the tracks. The canopies look relatively authentic although looking at original photographs it’s highly doubtful that they are as the originals appear to use a concrete-like material. Roundel casings and lights have also disappeared over the years and the glass waiting room is, of course, a relatively recent addition but doesn’t look out of place (as nice as it is I wonder how many people actually use it?)

©TfL from the London Transport Museum collection


(Fairly) new waiting room

From the very beginning the exterior of the station has looked a bit ramshackle: today it looks no different still looking a bit, shall we say, temporary. Again, it’s difficult to see any direct transport links and although the station now resides on a semi-busy road it doesn’t actually seem to be near anything: perhaps a commonplace occurance when the station is built in areas of pretty much zero population allowing the town to build up around it.


©TfL from the London Transport Museum collection


And today’s version – remarkably similar but no doubt of a different construction (click for larger view).

Ruislip Gardens Underground station

Perhaps the only other point to note is that at the station’s west end there is a link to the depot at West Ruislip.

Ruislip Gardens Underground station


Verdict: Quite a simple little station really with no hugely distinguishing features. I bet the staff that work here love it. The newer bits are really quite nice as far as it goes.

More photographs of this station are in the Ruislip Gardens set of my Flickr page.

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